How to Change the Temperature on Your Joying Android Head Unit?

Chill Out or Warm Up: Your Joying Head Unit’s Climate Control Cheat Sheet


Ever blast through summer heat or battle winter chills in your car? Your Joying Android head unit is your secret weapon against uncomfortable commutes! Here’s how to master its climate control and cruise in perfect comfort no matter the season.

Three Easy Ways to Adjust the Temperature:

  1. Quick Tap & Tweak: Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Quick Access Panel. Find the “Climate” or “AC” tile and tap it. Use the slider or buttons to instantly fine-tune the temperature.
  2. Dedicated App for Precision: For pinpoint control, tap the Climate Control app icon on your home screen. See the current temperature and adjust it to your liking using sliders, buttons, or even touchscreen gestures. Find your sweet spot, and enjoy!
  3. Hands-Free Control at Your Fingertips: No need to take your eyes off the road! If your Joying unit has physical climate control buttons on the steering wheel, look for symbols like arrows, fans, or snowflakes. Tap them to adjust the temperature without missing a beat.

Bonus Tips for Breezy Drives:

Check your user manual: Different Joying models might have different layouts or names for these features. It’s your one-stop guide for specific instructions.
Unsure about anything? The Joying website’s online support is your friend! Find helpful tutorials and FAQs for your exact model.
Stay up to date: Some features might require firmware updates or additional settings adjustments. Check the Joying website for updates and optimize your climate control experience.
Conquer the temperature and cruise in comfort with your Joying! Now go forth and enjoy the perfect climate, whether you’re craving a cool breeze or a cozy warmth.

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