How to find joying model number

  1. Check the physical unit:

Check for a label or sticker. It’s typically located on the front, back, or side of the unit.
Check the bottom or back: The model number might be printed directly on the metal casing.

  1. Access the system information:

Enter the settings menu: Find options like “About device,” “System information,” or “Device information.”
Look for “Model Number” or “Version”: The model number should be listed there.

  1. Use a third-party app (if available):

Install a system information app: Some apps can display detailed hardware information, including the model number.
Search for “system info” or “device info” apps on the Google Play Store.

  1. Refer to documentation:

Check the user manual: If you have the original manual, it should mention the model number.
Find the model on packaging: The box or packaging might have a label with the model number.

  1. Contact Joying support:

If you can’t find your model number, reach out to Joying customer service. They can help you identify your unit by providing them with detailed information about its appearance, features, and purchase date. They should be able to identify the model based on your description.

Additional tips:

Take a photo of the unit or any labels: This can be helpful if you need to contact support later.
Note any unique features or characteristics: This can help narrow down the model options.
Be specific when searching online: Use the full model number, if possible, to find accurate information.

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