How to reset joying head unit?

Soft Reset Steps:

Ensure your car’s ignition is turned off.
Hold down the power button on the Joying head unit for around 10 seconds.
The unit will reboot, indicated by the appearance of the Joying logo on the screen.

Factory Reset via Menu:

On the head unit, navigate to “Settings,” then select “General,” followed by “Reset.”
Choose “Factory Reset.”
If asked, enter the default password, which is typically either 7890 or 8888.
Confirm your choice to initiate the reset.

Hard Reset (Using the Reset Button):

Locate the small reset hole, labeled as “RST” or “RESET,” on the head unit.
Use a slim object, such as a paperclip, to press and hold the button inside the hole for 10 to 15 seconds.
The unit will restart, automatically executing a factory reset.

Firmware Reinstallation (When Necessary):

Download the latest firmware for your specific Joying head unit model from the Joying website.
Transfer the extracted firmware files to a USB flash drive.
Plug the USB drive into the head unit.
Go to “Settings” and select “System Update.”
Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the firmware installation.

Important Considerations:

Remember, performing a reset will delete all personal settings and data from the unit. It’s advisable to back up any crucial information beforehand.
The steps for resetting may slightly differ based on your head unit’s model. For detailed procedures, refer to the user manual or Joying’s official website.
If you have any uncertainties about these processes, it’s recommended to seek assistance from Joying’s customer support for reliable guidance.

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