How to update joying firmware

Crank Up Your Joying Head Unit with a Fresh Firmware Upgrade!

Ready to give your Joying head unit a performance boost and unlock new features? Updating the firmware is like a pit stop for your car stereo, but instead of engine oil, you’re pouring in a shot of digital magic. Follow these steps, and you’ll be cruising with a smoother, faster Joying in no time.

  1. Gear Up!

Model Number: Find this trusty tag on your head unit or in its settings. It’s your Joying’s ID card!
Current Firmware: Peek under the hood in “Settings” > “About device” or “System Information.” See what version you’re running.
Latest Firmware: Head over to Joying’s official website ( and grab the newest firmware. Make sure it matches your model and current version – like picking the right gas for your car!

  1. Ready to Roll:

Backup Buddies: Don’t lose your tunes! Save important files like music and contacts to an external drive or cloud storage. Think of it as packing your valuables before a road trip.
Power Play: Keep your engine running or connect your head unit to a power adapter. Imagine a flat tire on a hot day – you wouldn’t update your navigation mid-tow, right?
USB Drive Pit Stop: Grab a USB drive (32GB or smaller) and format it to FAT32. Think of it as cleaning the garage for your new firmware files.

  1. Download & Go:

Download the firmware file to your computer. It’s like getting the upgrade kit delivered.
Unzip or extract the files onto your prepped USB drive. Picture unpacking the kit and laying out the tools.

  1. Update Time!

Plug the USB drive into your Joying head unit’s USB port. It’s like inserting the key and starting the engine!
Head to “Settings” > “System Update” (or somewhere similar). It’s like finding the upgrade menu on your car’s console.
Find the firmware file on the USB drive and tap it. Double-check you’re picking the right one – wouldn’t want to put the wrong fuel in your car!
Follow the on-screen prompts to start the update. Buckle up, the upgrade magic is happening!
Remember, don’t turn off the engine or disconnect the power during the update. Think of it as letting the mechanic finish the job!

  1. Victory Lap!

Once finished, your head unit will usually reboot automatically. It’s like your car purring after a successful tune-up.
Re-enter your settings and preferences. Adjust the mirrors and get comfortable in your updated Joying ride.
Check the new firmware version in “Settings” > “About device” or “System Information.” See, your car stereo just got a brand new engine!

Bonus Tips:

Read the manual: Every Joying model is unique. Consult the official manual for specific details.
Help is a tap away: If you run into trouble, Joying’s customer support is your pit crew.
Pro help for complex upgrades: Need an expert mechanic? Consider professional installation for peace of mind.
Let the update finish: Don’t force-stop it like slamming on the brakes! Let it complete naturally to avoid any bumps on the road.
Updating your Joying firmware is like giving your car stereo a fresh coat of paint and a turbo boost. With these tips and a little TLC, you’ll be cruising with a smoother, faster, and feature-packed Joying experience in no time!

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